AutoLine Pro EVAP Vacuum Automotive Smoke Machine Leak Detector Diagnostic Tester Compact SMK-1

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The compact SMK-1 Automotive Smoke Tester is sure to make system leak diagnostics fast, easy, and cost effective for all your needs!

Check for leaks anywhere!
Consistently smoke test: EVAP systems, Vacuum Tubings, Intake Manifolds, Cooling/Exhaust Systems, and more!

Engineered to be 100% safe for all vehicles.
● Sensitive Pressure Regulator @ optimal 1 PSI
● Inline Safety 15A Fuse
● Sensor safe (included) ALP Smoke Fluid or Mineral Oil usage for Smoke
● Multi-size Connector Tip for Versatility

QUICK to use in less than 3 minutes!
(1) 1st time fill with included ALP Approved Smoke Fluid [Lasts 200+ tests] or mineral oil.
(2) Connect power cables to your +/- battery terminals.
(3) Connect Air Supply (air compressor)
(4) Check for LEAKS!

What's Included
●SMK-1 Smoke Machine
●AutoLine Pro Approved Smoke Fluid (Lasts 200+ Smoke Tests)
●Power Cables
●Instruction Manual
●Safety Fuse
●Universal Smoke Tip

What You'll Need
●Power : 12V DC Car Battery
●Air Compressor : The SMK-1 is compatible with even the most affordable air compressors.

Quality that You Deserve!
Quality Tested and GUARANTEED to work!
Made in the USA
Built to last.

Any problems? You're backed by the best AutoLine Pro Warranty
1 Year, All component, full coverage against manufacture defects and all reasonable operational wear and tear.


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List Price: $99.97
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