Don’t let the stress of cluttered tools get in the way!

Are all your tools scattered in your toolbox, or just all over your workstation? Maybe you’ve just lost them? With Olsa Tools’ Plastic Tray Organizer, wasting your valuable time searching for “the” right tool is never an option! ‘Cos whatever your situation is, this Storage System is created to help you declutter. The Olsa Tools’ Plastic Tray Organizer can store your nuts, bolts, washers, parts and/or other small tools so that you will never lose sight of them again!

Durable organizer made of quality material that stores your tools and makes it accessible for you

It could fit inside a shallow toolbox drawer or can be placed on top of your workstation to easily access tools and small accessories. Its bright-colored material gives you an instant impression and a great catch of the eye.

This kit includes:

- 1 Green Plastic Tray Organizer


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