5 Parameter Pool & Spa Test Strips with Smartphone App - Pool and Spa Water testing made simple, affordable, and at your fingertips


- Get a quick reading of your swimming pool or hot tub's water quality with our water test kit
- Includes 50 test strips and is paired with our straightforward mobile app
- Use our simple app, Spark Water, to test & monitor the chemical levels of your pool or spa or hot tub

Water Test System kit

Chemicals like chlorine keep your water clean and disinfected , while hardness, alkaline levels and a proper pH balance help to prevent corrosion. Our effortless system tests your water for free chlorine, pH balance, total hardness, total alkalinity, and cyanuric acid; all chemicals that work together in balance to maintain your swimming pool or spa water's cleanliness and safety. The combined benefit of water test kit with test strips and our instant digital reader app are a hassle free way to maintain your pool or hot tub's chemical balance.

Associated Smartphone App

- Spark Water, our associated testing app, gives a 30 second reading of your pool or hot tub water chemistry, helping you maintain the proper amount of these sanitizers in your water, ensuring a safe swim
- No interpretation needed; simply dip the water test strips in your water sample, and take a picture with your phone
- Tracks data from prior readings for trends and consultations. Identifying these trends can help you plan accordingly to improve consistency of your swimming pool or hot tub water quality.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Our friendly customer support team will be sure to assist you if you have any problems and correct the issue.

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